“Look in the eyes to kill”“Look in the eyes to kill”
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Honor, Magic 3 Series

The little girl who longs to get along with her mother without being disturbed, she then fights wits with her mother's Honor Magic 3. It brings out the function of Magic 3 series: Eye-Tracking Feature (Eyes Gaze Control Ringtone).

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Clash Unlimited

In December 2021, The Clash de Cartier exhibition were officially opened in Shenzhen with a grand opening party gathering edgy crowds, celebrities and unique live performances that ignited the Shenzhen Bay. Guests explored an immersive jewelry viewing journey that showcasing Cartier’s orderly inheritance and continuous innovation, and to present the new Clash [Un] limited capsule collection.


Marie Dalgar brand repositioning full service

A new brand territory base on the creative idea: Chinese ladies can find their unique beauty everywhere in urban spaces, as does an artist when creating a masterpiece. The brand invites you to look around to catch beauty wherever it may be & make it your own.

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Love from multi-camera mode

Based on the key function of the Huawei Harmony OS multi-camera mode, we created “Love from multi-camera” TVC. The mother shares the photo of the new born baby with the father, while the father would focus on his wife by using the multi-camera function to switch back to her.

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OriginOS Ocean Launch

Vivo introduced a new mobile operating system called Origin OS Ocean during an outstanding online event using XR technology, paving the way to the new generation process for live and virtual events.

We closely work with Vivo teams to bring to life the Vivo Origin Design House on the Moon Bay Beach, Wenchang, Hainan Province. The Vivo White House set up is a dreamlike inspirational representation of the physical world and the digital world merging. Mixing physical in-location shooting with virtual shots, 6 speakers introduced the new system highlights navigating through different scenario related to the main functional updates.


TotalEnergies Infinite Circuit

The Total Quartz keeps your engine young, for a smooth drive in all driving conditions. Heavy snow, heated deserts, unstoppable storms and not even the endless traffic jams can slow your performance.

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Huawei Brand Video - Together

In 2020, due to the epidemic and the macro economic situation, the lives of all Chinese have suffered a lot. From the elites to the ordinaries, everyone has encountered unprecedented challenges. This year is similar to the "frontline of life" for all.

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Porsche 20 years in Chinese Mainland x Photofairs Shanghai 2021

Sponsored by Porsche, the Photofairs Shanghai 2021 became the stage of “20 Years and Beyond” the Porsche theme exhibition that highlighted the 20 years of the famous car brand in Mainland China. To mark this major milestone in Porsche history, we envisioned a projection mapping show on the facade of the impressive Shanghai Exhibition Center, a major landmark in Shanghai. We built a 12-meter-high custom-made triangular prism creating a surface of 1500sqm for projection mapping. The five minutes show was projected every 30 minutes at night during the four days of Photofairs Shanghai, creating a must-see Rendez-vous at the heart of Shanghai. An additional 1000sqm of Porsche spirit told through five immersive rooms at the Porsche Empowered Exhibition. An iconic pavilion for a brand who dares to dream forward.


2021 Ready For Mission 11.11?

To celebrate China’s biggest promotional festival, and in line with GIVENCHY’s DNA, we created the GIVENCHY Retro Arcade. All the excitement of accumulating desirable products, staged within a distinctively haute couture universe.

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Do Not Hunt a Job

We have taken the slogan of “Do not hunt a job, seek an ideal career” as the core idea. With an aim of attracting the attention and inspiring the thinking of job seekers, we have cooperated with the HRs of major enterprises to reveal their views towards job seekers and to create a video called “Do Not Hunt a Job”. By adopting a unique means of showing the opposite of the intended meaning, the video is also intended to expand the popularity of LinkedIn and convey its brand attitude with profound content.

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Lost in Wonder

Taking inspiration from the Jo Malone London campaign video “Lost in Wonder”, we bring to life a dreamy and immersive brand experience inspired by the Ancient Hanging Garden.

Guests were plunged into an ethereal and mysterious garden unveiling the two new fragrances Fig & Lotus Flower Cologne and Cypress & Grapevine Cologne Intense. The brand experience generated strong curiosity and social buzz around the "Hanging Garden", with over 366,000 social engagements generated on event day.


Bold as Tigers-2022 CNY Campaign

Courage, grace, loyalty to the group and self-empowerment. The spirit of the Tiger, the 2022 Chinese Zodiac animal, inspired ba&sh to invite girls to discover how the collective can empower them to live life to the fullest.

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Happy Last Year

2020 is an unusual year for us all who have been through plenty of extraordinary moments of challenges and difficulties. However, we were still hoping that after all, a different Chinese New Year wish could be delivered especially for this period of time—"Last Year's Blessings".

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Soleil Neige

A white escape at the heart of Shanghai to launch the new Tom Ford Soleil Neige collection.

For 3 days, VIP, media and consumers took part in an exclusive experience where they immersed themselves in a multisensorial experience to discover the new collection. The guests were invited to immerse into a winter environment as soon as they entered the venue by passing through thematic areas conceived as an echo of the products of the new collection. This experience directly guided by the new Tom Ford collection was conceived as a perfect blend among the beauty of nature, playing with the organic shape, and the innovation, with digital interaction for guests to experience the variations of light and shadow.


Petit Sweets China Relaunch

End of 2020, Bel relaunched Kiri Petit Snacks, little cubes of cheese with sophisticated French dessert flavors. To match our target audience of hip and demanding Tier 1 city ladies, we decided to position Kiri as a lifestyle brand.

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The Birth of Ice and Snow World

Tsing Tao Beer became an official sponsor of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, and sports marketing become the important themes of the brand throughout the year. “The Birth of Ice and Snow World” is made with CG technology, with a group of lovely penguins as the leading role, which staged sporty penguins building a bar in the ice and snow world.

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La Maison Rémy Martin

Since 2016, La Maison Rémy Martin has been an iconic interactive showcase of the versatile Rémy Martin cognac that embodies the brand values and emphasizes on 300-year heritage and savoir-faire of cognac elaboration. For the 2020 edition in Guangzhou, we raised La Maison Rémy Martin to new heights through a new immersive storytelling format unveiling the new design codes of Rémy Martin inspired by the authentic ambiance of the brand domains, cellar & materials.

Bringing more textures, volumes and contrasts to create visual disruptions.

Rémy Martin Cognac Journey is brought to life in a format inspired from art exhibition, where guests take their time to discover and explore the unique brand story.

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Tsing Tao Beer - 2022 Winter Olympics Brand Video

In the past four years, we have successively created a series of wonderful commercials for Tsing Tao Beer. Now we are working together again at the beginning of the coldest year of 2021 to refresh Tsing Tao Beer with a new brand image by launching a new TVC that is full of passion, ice, snow and sports atmosphere, "Winter Olympics".

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Heineken Silver

An immersive and multisensorial experience that awakens your adventurous and party spirit! During the summer 2020, the Heineken Star World gathered over 1,700 selected guests to get onboard the Mission S to explore and celebrate the new launch of Heineken Silver in China. Getting inside, the guests let their senses lead their imagination to experience the Future.

With over 1700+ guests, Heineken Silver Mission S became a hot topic on Weibo as the first major post-covid period event in China and has generated more than 230+ million topic reading, 306+ million impression, and 100+ millions of media value. Over 116+ million viewers followed the show on the official live broadcast platform and through KOLs and Celebrities channels.

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OPPO Reno 1 Launch

The OPPO Reno launch keynote hosted in Shanghai at the famous Mercedes-Benz Arena, has marked the advent of a new era of picture function in smartphone. To showcase OPPO Reno new series amazing features that demonstrate a real technical and design feat, we envisioned a spectacular modular stage design that combines creative imaginary and cutting-edge technology. The show started with an artistic opening based on OPPO new brand logo and identity. The reveal of a 10 meters high human shape structure made of iron, an allegory of the deep connection between humanity and technology, was unveiled thanks to a perfect blend of lighting design, sound design, and creative content videos.

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Roland-Garros in the City

We raised “Roland-Garros in the City” program in Shanghai to new heights with the highest tennis clay court to promote the famous French Open tournament.

The highest tennis court in the world, a clay court built on the helipad at the top of the Sinar Mas Plaza, at an altitude of 320 meters, offered outstanding panoramic views of the city. The famous actor Jin Dong, Roland-Garros’s first-ever ambassador to China, inaugurated the court. A “Village” inspired by the one at Porte d’Auteuil was set up in a spacious mansion in Former French Concession. To amplify the communication buzz, Roland-Garros themed buses were roaming the streets around the city to generate buzz and increase curiosity on the activation.