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Hello, we are Havas Creative China

We are an award winning full-service 4A's creative agency in China. We create advertising campaigns that truly make a meaningful difference to the businesses, the brands and the lives of the people we work with.

“Look in the eyes to kill”“Look in the eyes to kill”
Honor, Magic 3 Series

“Look in the eyes to kill”

The little girl who longs to get along with her mother without being disturbed, she then fights wits with her mother's Honor Magic 3. It brings out the function of Magic 3 series: Eye-Tracking Feature (Eyes Gaze Control Ringtone).

Huawei, Harmony OS

Love from multi-camera mode

Based on the key function of the Huawei Harmony OS multi-camera mode, we created “Love from multi-camera” TVC. The mother shares the photo of the new born baby with the father, while the father would focus on his wife by using the multi-camera function to switch back to her.


Huawei Brand Video - Together

In 2020, due to the epidemic and the macro economic situation, the lives of all Chinese have suffered a lot. From the elites to the ordinaries, everyone has encountered unprecedented challenges. This year is similar to the "frontline of life" for all.


Do Not Hunt a Job

We have taken the slogan of “Do not hunt a job, seek an ideal career” as the core idea. With an aim of attracting the attention and inspiring the thinking of job seekers, we have cooperated with the HRs of major enterprises to reveal their views towards job seekers and to create a video called “Do Not Hunt a Job”. By adopting a unique means of showing the opposite of the intended meaning, the video is also intended to expand the popularity of LinkedIn and convey its brand attitude with profound content.


Happy Last Year

2020 is an unusual year for us all who have been through plenty of extraordinary moments of challenges and difficulties. However, we were still hoping that after all, a different Chinese New Year wish could be delivered especially for this period of time—"Last Year's Blessings".

Tsing Tao Beer

The Birth of Ice and Snow World

Tsing Tao Beer became an official sponsor of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, and sports marketing become the important themes of the brand throughout the year. “The Birth of Ice and Snow World” is made with CG technology, with a group of lovely penguins as the leading role, which staged sporty penguins building a bar in the ice and snow world.

Tsing Tao Beer

Tsing Tao Beer - 2022 Winter Olympics Brand Video

In the past four years, we have successively created a series of wonderful commercials for Tsing Tao Beer. Now we are working together again at the beginning of the coldest year of 2021 to refresh Tsing Tao Beer with a new brand image by launching a new TVC that is full of passion, ice, snow and sports atmosphere, "Winter Olympics".

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