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Clash de Cartier 卡地亚双面魅力 Clash de Cartier 卡地亚双面魅力

Clash de Cartier 卡地亚双面魅力

2021年11月,Clash de Cartier 卡地亚双面魅力展览在深圳正式开幕,活动吸引了一众潮流明星和时尚达人前来打卡,开幕派对现场热烈的活动氛围燃爆深圳湾。

来宾置身于多个互动空间,探索沉浸式珠宝鉴赏体验。展览旨在呈现卡地亚珠宝的精湛工艺,并推出全新Clash [Un] limited 限量胶囊系列。活动展示了卡地亚有序传承又不断创新、设计严谨亦不惧束缚的美学理念。

“Look in the eyes to kill”“Look in the eyes to kill”
Honor, Magic 3 Series

“Look in the eyes to kill”

The little girl who longs to get along with her mother without being disturbed, she then fights wits with her mother's Honor Magic 3. It brings out the function of Magic 3 series: Eye-Tracking Feature (Eyes Gaze Control Ringtone).

Marie Dalgar brand repositioning full service
Marie Dalgar

Marie Dalgar brand repositioning full service

A new brand territory base on the creative idea: Chinese ladies can find their unique beauty everywhere in urban spaces, as does an artist when creating a masterpiece. The brand invites you to look around to catch beauty wherever it may be & make it your own.

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